Dear Hook-Ups (Past, Present & Future)


Dear Hook-Ups,
Do you know what it means to be a hook-up?
I mean, I <i.think ya do, and I’m trying to keep it… well, would you believe me if i said PG-13?
No I do not want you to ask me how my day was, nor do I want to hear about your niece’s dance recital.
I mean, c’mon, you’re kinda ruining it over here… now I hafta think about you as, ya know… a person.
Okay, that came out wrong. You’re a person. I take it back, you’ve always been a person.
Maybe not a person I was interested in sitting down and having a coffee with, but yes, a person nonetheless.
I just meant… Jesus, what did I mean?
I guess I just meant, maybe we can save the feelings stuff for your therapist and not the guy you just, ya know… met?
That’d be just great, thanks.


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