Dear Grindr Guys


Dear Grindr Guys,
Now, no one has mistaken me for observant in my 25 years of life, but I couldn’t help but notice something.
In your little “about Me” section, I almost always see the words “No hook-ups” or “Looking for LTR” (Long-term relationship, for those of you who don’t speak abbrevs) at the bottom.
Yet, you guys always seem to be the ones sending me dick pics…
I’m a great many things, but chaste? Not one of ’em.
Not slutty, but not chaste. There’s a lotta room in between the two, amirite?
It just seems to me “No hook-ups” is usually code for “whichever way you wanna take me.”
I mean, it’s like the slutty Bat-signal or whatever.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Sex is great between two consenting adults.
I’m just saying, at least own it.
Cuz seriously, this “no hook-ups” thing, followed by some pictures of your downstairs parts, followed by the oh so romantic proposal of “into?” is getting old.

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