Dear Pointless Conversation Starter


Dear Pointless Conversation Starter,
Okay, ya see, what we just had?
Ya know what I call that? I call that a “nonversation.”
It’s like a conversation, but with absolutely no point to it or any significance.
Do you think I enjoy nonversations? Cuz I don’t.
I mean, do you even know how to have a conversation?
It involves questions (the more relevant, the better) or an exchange of information or ideas.
Not that your fun fact about “I had celery at lunch today,” (which was a comedic goldmine by the way, you should tell it at cocktail parties) wasn’t great, but I’m still kinda lost about what the take-away from that anecdote was…
Anyone’s learn how to socialize and get back to me… or don’t… I’m honestly not that invested.


4 thoughts on “Dear Pointless Conversation Starter

  1. This is a basic way of life in an office setting. “So…how ’bout that weather?” “Yeah, no kidding., right?”

    BTW, I’m totally having some celery for lunch today.

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