Dear Pointless Conversation Starter


Dear Pointless Conversation Starter,
Okay, ya see, what we just had?
Ya know what I call that? I call that a “nonversation.”
It’s like a conversation, but with absolutely no point to it or any significance.
Do you think I enjoy nonversations? Cuz I don’t.
I mean, do you even know how to have a conversation?
It involves questions (the more relevant, the better) or an exchange of information or ideas.
Not that your fun fact about “I had celery at lunch today,” (which was a comedic goldmine by the way, you should tell it at cocktail parties) wasn’t great, but I’m still kinda lost about what the take-away from that anecdote was…
Anyone’s learn how to socialize and get back to me… or don’t… I’m honestly not that invested.


4 thoughts on “Dear Pointless Conversation Starter

  1. This is a basic way of life in an office setting. “So…how ’bout that weather?” “Yeah, no kidding., right?”

    BTW, I’m totally having some celery for lunch today.

  2. You clearly don’t live with a teenage girl… life is an ENDLESS nonversation. Usually about One Direction. Kill me. Please?

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