Dear Mr. Torrance


Dear Mr. Torrance,
How did you do it? I mean, trying to slaughter your entire family is no easy task, but that’s not even what I mean.
No contact with the outside world or television or anything and you still managed to last a few days longer than I have.
I mean, I’m a product of the digital age. You can take away my internet, but leave me the TV. You can take away the TV, but for God’s sake, let me at least have access to a television.
I’m goin’ crazy over here!
So far, we’ve been here roughly two days.
In that time, I’ve made three Cabin in the Woods references, an Evil Dead joke here and there, and at least a dozen references to The Shining.
I tell ya, I’m losin’ it!
On the off chance you don’t get back to me quickly, you’ll probably be seeing me on the nightly news. I’ll be the guy who snapped and started reenacting all his favorite slashers.


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