Dear Social Media Friends


Dear Social Media Friends,
It has come to my attention that I may broadcast my lifestyle in a way that makes it seem… more than what it is.
This was brought to my attention by a friend who expressed concern over my wanting to move to North Carolina which he deemed “not worth it.”
Obviously well-intentioned, it was not well-received, with me responding that I know what I’m looking for better than anyone else.
Cattiness ensued, which I thankfully walked away from, but not before seeing his response about how I look like I’m going from trip to trip (I didn’t realize moving across the country was going from trip to trip) and posting about day drinking and passing out early. I didn’t realize that day drinking was considered a good thing. Truth be told, I do it and even I don’t see it as a good thing. Usually it’s the first sign of alcoholism… I mean, I’m not that bad, but yeah, day drinking isn’t a sign of being carefree, trust me.
That being said, I’m aware that I usually put up a bit of a wall, letting people see what I want them to see. I just never thought I’d have friends that judged me for what they saw on the surface instead of taking the time to look beyond it.
It’s weird… maybe that’s why I don’t like people much. Who knows?
Anyways, better luck next time with your off-base, pop psychology diagnosis, friend-o.


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