Dear Katherine Kersten


Dear Katherine Kersten,
They say you don’t get to choose your family and after yesterday’s display, I’ve never wished more that the age-old adage was wrong.
The passive-aggressive comments and “holier than thou” attitude is one thing, but yesterday, I can officially say that I am ashamed to be any relation of yours.
For those of you that don’t know, Kathy Kersten is a conservative columnist for a Minneapolis newspaper and also, my aunt.
Luckily, politics have never played much of a part in our relationship as I avoid the discussion at all costs.
But Kathy, you made that impossible yesterday when you testified against marriage equality in Minnesota yesterday.
I used to think we didn’t get along because your politics were always informed by your religious fervor.
I’ve never been much of a God-fearing man nor am I a practicing Catholic, but as I remember it, the teachings of Christ are love and compassion for your fellow human beings.
That testimony showed neither love nor compassion.
It didn’t even regard your own flesh and blood as something human.
Truth be told, I’m beginning to question if you’re human. To be able to do that, knowing that it’s breaking the hearts of your family is truly heartless.
I can’t say I expected better because I’ve never had much faith in humankind, but now more than ever, I want to be wrong again.


2 thoughts on “Dear Katherine Kersten

  1. I have similar family members (thankfully no one gives a damn what they think and they have no platform other than Facebook with which to alienate and offend) so I relate somewhat to what you’re feeling. Sorry. It sucks. 😦

  2. Taker her on! How about a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper? Don’t let her be the only representative of your family. I see this as an opportunity for you to really put your talents, and your name, to good use.


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