Dear Hollywood


Dear Hollywood,
I know I said I was through with you and all you’ve put out the last few years was worthless crap, but this is different!
This is my worthless crap.
It came to me in a dream… well, a half-drunken stupor, but dream sounds better.
Two dogs vying for the affections of one owner. Here’s some sample dialogue.

*Pepper runs to Calhoun, before Karl cuts her off short*

Pepper: Yo, bitch, why you steppin’?

Karl: Oh hell naw! I know you ain’t frontin’ right now, ho!

Pepper: Ain’t nobody gon come between me and MY man.

Karl: Dance-off for ‘im?

… what do you guys think? Kinduva “Quentin Tarantino’s Save the Last Dance” thing goin’ on? Any way, think about it. You guys still owe me for Marmaduke.


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