Dear Awesome-Nickname-Giver


Dear Awesome-Nickname-Giver,
I’ve had some doozies, but comin’ from me? That’s a compliment of the highest order.
Hell, I didn’t even know I’d been around here long enough to have a nickname. Most of the guys at the bar just call me “that one…” as in “I wanna sleep with that one.” Not exactly inspired stuff.
So when you approached me as I finished my run yesterday, I was a little taken aback.
Well, mainly cuz I saw a small dog running towards me and Karl was ready to eat it.
It was then that I heard, “No, stop it Haisley! Sorry, Shirtless Batman Guy.”
Shirtless Batman Guy. There it is.
Now, to some it may sound a little confusing, because it makes me sound like I’m a shirtless Batman… psh, I wish.
No, when you take off my shirt, on the right rib cage, I have a Batman tattoo, evidently earning me the affectionate (maybe?) nickname “Shirtless Batman Guy.”
Okay, granted, it’s not perfect, but I feel like you only see me after one of my long runs (after I’ve gotten so hot, I take my shirt off) so I guess it is kinda fitting… Anyways, thanks for that. Nothing makes you feel more at home than an awful nickname.


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