Dear Achilles Tendon


Dear Achilles Tendon,
You got me good, huh? Just when I thought I was back on track for running, then you pull these shenanigans?
Knee problems? I can handle. I’ve been awful to my knees. I mean, 16 miles the day after getting hit by a car?
There’s bound to be some complications. I even accepted the hideous scar and moved on.
But you, Achilles Tendon. After I was so good to you? massaged you? Stretched you? Took care of you?
Well, this is a betrayal I simply cannot abide. As far as you and I are concerned, we are done.
… but not really, I still kinda need you to walk.
Look, how about I give you some time off and we can revisit the subject?
For the meantime, I’ll let you rest and hope that you haven’t screwed me over for life.


3 thoughts on “Dear Achilles Tendon

  1. Haha… I had Achilles Tendonitis before and I ignored it for few months… I thought that it will heal if I stop from playing tennis, but it didn’t… I knew I had enough of painkillers and I had to get medical advice… PT didn’t work for me… it made my tendons swell… I switched to stem cell therapy and finally.. it worked. I hope you recover soon! 🙂

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