Dear Fellow Grad Student

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 2.59.48 PM

Dear Fellow Grad Student,
Let’s talk about tact, shall we? Mainly because you seem so wildly unfamiliar with the term.
I mean, I am legitimately curious about what made you think this post was appropriate?
I’m sure your article is fascinating… if not a well-tread topic.
But to use the events in Boston as a means of self-promotion?
This coming from a man who slept with his ex three times after they broke up… that is still not nearly as bad as what you managed to do with social media.
Moving on to the next segment.
What possessed you to pair those two thoughts together? Was it that they were both celebrations of how great you are?
Cuz… um… the whole Boston thing followed by your e-book? It’s like a bad episode of Girls here.
That’s it. That’s what you are. You are gay dude Hannah Horvath.
It’s actually uncomfortable how spot on that description is… but here I go, congratulating myself.
I think you may be rubbing off on me. I’m gonna go try and find something selfless to do.


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