Dear Netflix


Dear Netflix,
I know, it seems like I’ve been picking on you a lot lately, but, well, you’re a profitable company, how ’bout you get your shit together and then I won’t have any material?
The latest in a long line of complaints against you isn’t so much about your content. In fact, when I saw you had The Awakening streaming, i was pretty pleasantly surprised. It’s a solid film. Great atmosphere, solid acting, with a distinct hint of The Others‘ considerable charm. Really, top-notch choice. Let’s look at your description of the film, shall we?

“In post-World War I England, a boarding school haunted by a boy’s ghost calls on Florence Cathcart, who disproves hoaxes for a living. But Cathcart senses something truly strange about the school, leading her to question her belief in the rational.”

Now… seriously, what to do with that? Besides being an absolute abortion of the English language, it doesn’t really make any goddamn sense. How can a boarding school call on someone? It’s a quick fix too. “The headmaster of a boarding school…” All you need. Seriously, that’s it.
Next time just get someone with even a tenable grasp on the English language to write your descriptions for you, ya know?


4 thoughts on “Dear Netflix

  1. Netflix is on my list these days as well. I’m having problems accessing it on my iPad at night when I go to bed. (It’s quieter than my television so I don’t wake up mom and dad). Darn thing wouldn’t connect last night. Made this little piggy agitated so bad! And you don’t want to see an agitated piggy my friend – snort. XOXO – Bacon

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