Dear Fellow Dog Owners

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Dear Fellow Dog Owners,
Lemme tell you a little story about my dog, Karl.
He came from a pretty bad situation where he was criminally neglected, developing scars on his ears from frostbite, and particularly aggressive towards other dogs, considering he’d had no proper socialization.
He spent several years in an animal shelter before he found his way into my life.
He’s gotten better about his neuroses, but it’s a work in progress. We’re trying to undo five years of emotional trauma here.
Now, what does that have to do with you?
Well, allow me to provide an example.
Karl and I were out walking when another dog came romping up, a friendly little fella, who immediately started sniffing Karl. All was fine, until this other dog started sniffing his face. Karl has always been weird about things being in his face, so I pulled him back a little. The dog got closer. I pulled back again. The dog got closer still.
Eventually, Karl snapped. He started to bite the scruff of the other dog.
I began to yell bloody murder because, well, here are two sizable dogs going at it, me with a leash in one hand and the other hand broken.
I was able to separate them, just as the other dog’s owner came running, asking what happened. She then had the nerve to tell me that I “needed to get control of my dog.”
Well, I was the one with the leash. I was the one who actually separated them. Hell, I was the one who actually was with my dog.
I don’t care how well you know your animal, you don’t know other people’s animals. I don’t care how friendly your dog is, you don’t know if mine is. There’s no excuse for a negligent pet owner to criticize someone who has their pet in check, when you aren’t even with your pet.


2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Dog Owners

  1. You so don’t have to take that kind of crap. And people who just assume that their pet can do whatever it wants because it has a mild disposition and is well-socialized are so ignorant.

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