Dear Facebook Friend


Dear Facebook Friend,
I know that it’s your Facebook and you are entitled to do whatever you want with it, but seriously?
I’m sure plenty of folks get pissed that they have my tweets show up in their Facebook all the time or the few Republican friends I’ve got may not like how much political stuff I post, but seriously?
A picture of a bloodied pig as it is about to go off to slaughter?
I get that it’s your Facebook and you’re vegetarian, but- well, what does that picture accomplish?
I don’t eat pigs cuz I’ve always thought they were too cute, so I’m on your side with that one, but those kinds of pictures? Well, they can even alienate an ally.
In the end, it is your Facebook so you can post whatever you so desire, but lemme give you a type. It’s easier to persuade someone to do something than it is to dissuade something they already do.
Instead of showing why you believe eating meat is bad, why not showcase why being vegetarian is good?
Maybe then so many pictures of adorable and blood-spattered animals might not show up in my newsfeed as much?


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