Dear ‘Activist’ Friend


Dear ‘Activist’ Friend,
This isn’t to everyone. You know who you are.
I’ve seen you go to the mat on queer issues day after day.
I honestly never thought I’d see this.
The very moment that another disenfranchised group is marginalized, where are you?
On Facebook, making jokes.
Don’t get me wrong, this whole Paula Deen thing, her use of the N-word, her desire to see an all-black staff dressed in white tuxes to fondly recall the days of slavery? It is so patently absurd that I have no idea what to do except laugh at how mad this woman must be.
Then one of your friends chimed in. “I think it’s being blown out of proportion.”
There are so many reasons why this response is wrong.
Another friend said, “Well, it’s her restaurant, she can do/say what she wants. The other woman should’ve just gone to another restaurant.”
All the while, you, the self-proclaimed activist, stood silence as hatred and bigotry pervaded on your post.
I fought a losing battle, and hard, but I’ve never called myself an activist.
When you finally did chime in, it was to tell everyone to calm down.
Honestly, if you don’t have it in you to fight for others’ rights, I don’t know what to call you. You may call yourself an activist, but to me, an activist is supposed to stand for what’s right, not just what’s right for them.
So I’m gonna leave you with the words I always hated to hear as a kid.
I’m not mad, ‘Activist’ Friend. I’m just disappointed.


One thought on “Dear ‘Activist’ Friend

  1. I’m with you, Calhoun. The difference between “what’s right” and “what’s right for me” is all too often overlooked by far too many of us. That being said, I believe activism of any kind is much better than sitting on your hands doing nothing. Perhaps your friend should have spoke up sooner.

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