Dear T Swizzle


Dear T Swizzle,
It is okay if I call you that, right?
I just figured given the format, a little informality was warranted.
Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about something. No, this isn’t about my insistence that you are pop instead of country, but rather- well, it’s about how you handle yourself.
Take your latest single, “22,” written when you were- well, probably when you were 22.
How about the line “too many cool kids” followed by an odd, audible insert of “who is Taylor Swift, anyways?”
Even the kids that think they’re too cool for school and don’t listen to you (which are the “cool kids” you’re jabbing I assume?) even they know who you are.
Or how about that time during your performance after you had just broken up with that dude from One Direction when you did that terrible English accent? Again, I’m assuming that was to make fun of him?
See, you reached fame at such a young age, but it’s time you do something that the rest of the world does… grow up.
I mean, “I dunno about you, I’m feelin’ 22?” You’re 23!
And making a career out of mocking your exes? While lucrative, it makes it a little hard to take you too seriously.
It just makes you seem a little juvenile.
Take it from me, a 25-year-old who feels his age.


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