Lemme start by saying, thank you.
It’s really nice to have the same rights that everyone else does, even if I- well, I don’t think it was any of your business to rule on in the first place, but I’m glad it finally worked in my favor, how ’bout that?
But amidst all the celebrating yesterday, I got this weird vibe that everybody thought that we were done.
I mean, let’s look over the fact that your law only exists at a federal level, so same-sex marriage is still a state-by-state thing. I’d actually like to look past my special interest group entirely.
Yes, as a gay man, yesterday was both historic and long overdue, but what about the people who got us there that are still struggling for rights?
Wendy Davis did a remarkable feat to ensure women’s reproductive rights but, with Planned Parenthood’s funding still being slashed and women still earning significantly less than men for performing the same tasks? As a woman, she and all women have a helluva fight ahead of them before they’re able to celebrate any sense of equality.
Isn’t there something you guys can do about that? I mean, I know it took this long to even have a ruling on something as ludicrous as gay marriage, which had no business being illegal in the first place, but women deserve no more punishment for being women than I deserve for being gay.
I will thank you for our victory yesterday and your just ruling, but if you think I’m gonna shut up now just because I got what I want? Well, you’re dead wrong.


One thought on “Dear SCOTUS

  1. You make an excellent point. While we’re all excited for our friends and family in California and the other 12 states that recognize marriage equality, the fight for the rest of the gay couples in our nation continues. In fact, the elation that many felt yesterday could soon turn to resentment. The LGBT community was split 70/30 yesterday and, while it used to be comprised of all “have nots”, now it contains both “haves” and “have nots”.

    A bittersweet result indeed.

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