Dear Boyfriend


Dear Boyfriend,
We’re still pretty new so I don’t feel entirely comfortable dragging your name into he blogosphere, but you know who you are.
Since we are still pretty new, I should probably tell you something that you were gonna find out in time anyways.
I’m a wee bit crazy.
Not, like, “I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!” crazy, but- well, let’s just call it eccentric?
So if I was a little cold to you this morning? I swear I didn’t mean to.
See, I couldn’t remember if you told me I had a big ass last night or if I had just dreamt that.
I can’t think of a context where I would’ve dreamt that… but then again, I can’t imagine that coming up organically in conversation either… either way, I’ve decided to forgive you, so just ignore my contemptuous quiet earlier this morning.


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