Dear Student Nurse


Dear Student Nurse,
Look, you, uh- you really don’t hafta be here.
I was trying to do the responsible thing for going in for an HIV/STD screening. Hell, I was even mature and used the proper anatomical terms, like penis, without laughing once.
Then, the, uh- that was about when the slut shaming began.
I nodded and smiled as the nurse told me about the fact that I’m a high-risk candidate, bein’ a homo and all. I didn’t even correct her and point out the growth of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community of young women, which has since replaced gay men as the most at-risk group.
Still, as I was detailing my sex life, the nervous tittering from the corner of the room was a little distracting. I mean, you should probably get that under control before you become, like, a real nurse…. besides being unprofessional- actually, no, it’s pretty much just the unprofessional thing. I’m just lucky you weren’t there for when the nurse asked me for an anal swab…


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