Dear Disgruntled Driver


Dear Disgruntled Driver,
See, when you whip across traffic to make a turn, that’s one thing.
When you’re speeding in a school zone? Like, literally right next to a school? That’s another.
When you almost hit a pedestrian who’s just trying to enjoy his morning run?
Yeah, your driving record isn’t entirely spotless.
So, I’m sorry, you don’t get to be pissed when I flick you off for almost killing me.
Seriously, what happens when I give you the finger? I get my catharsis and you get, what, your feelings hurt?
There are no real consequences of my giving you the middle finger.
Now, what happens if I didn’t have a fast enough reaction time to your general jackass-ery?
I end up in the hospital cuz some guy in an Escalade wasn’t paying attention to the fact that he’s responsible for several tons of metal.
Pretty sure I’m closer to being in the right here…


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