Dear Facebook Users

Awesome, Facebook is growing daily. More boring status updates than ever.

Awesome, Facebook is growing yearly. More boring status updates than ever.

Dear Facebook Users,
Yes, today is the start of a new year, but there are some things that still haven’t changed since last year.
For instance, I still don’t care that you’re watching the news.
Why post that? I mean, seriously, that’s all it says.
“Blah Blah Blah… is watching the news.”
Nothing about the news or what’s on the news.
Just that you’re watching it.
So I have a New Year’s resolution for you. It might be a challenge for some of you, but here goes.
Say something actually interesting.
Ya know what? That’s not fair. That’s asking too much.
New Year’s resolution for me. Get more interesting friends.
I should probably get on that.